Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School lunch Monday 6/7: Cheeseburger on W/W Bun

The menu reads as follows: Cheeseburger on W/W Bun, Veggie Pasta Salad, Fresh Vegetable, Apple

What they got: Cheeseburger on W/W bun, broccoli pasta, fresh carrots and apple.

As far as school lunches go I think this one has good array of components- broccoli, carrots, an apple, some pasta, and then there's the burger. The beef patty scares me the most. After countless  recalls I simply don't trust the FDA. Contaminated beef is finding it's way into supermarkets and schools more frequently it seems. Scientists believe that E.coli is becoming resistant to the antibiotics administered to cows routinely and therefore making its way into our food chain more often.

A piece in the New York Times last year, describes how a 22 year old children's dance instructor, ate a hamburger her mom made her which left her in a coma and when she awoke found herself paralyzed!  Such a tragic story and....


  1. I think you are absolutely right children should eat hygienic and fresh food which improve there health not kill them. From my side your point is absolutely correct.

  2. Did the kids eat the broccoli salad? Was there a dressing or spices on it? Curious minds want to know ;-)

  3. The salad or broccoli sometimes has Italian dressing. I think they think it's the one kids will most likely eat. From what I've seen I think kids are more likely to eat it just plain and lightly salted. I usually served steamed broccoli with lemon and olive oil and that the way my kid loves it! But everyone has a different taste....

  4. Lemon and olive oil sound good for the pasta salad. The carrots were good. So was the apple and the milk. The burger is a burger. processed meat. It looks dry.

    All in all this meal really doesn't look bad.
    Better than Mrs. Q's again. What would you have served instead of the burger?

  5. My daughter likes her broccoli steamed and plain. Nothing on it at all. My son won't touch the stuff though. I wonder if he'd try it with dressing? (for my daughter, if it ain't broke, I'm not fixing it ;-)