Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Beginning....

This past week, I decided to start taking notice of what our kids over at Mile Square, St.Francis were being fed for school lunch. Of course I knew it wasn't going to be gourmet cooked meals, but I did think/hope that it would at least be edible. Now, I'm not a food snob, I come from a developing country were there are more poor people than not, where more people go without than with, but what I am discovering is as sad as it is infuriating.

And so a daily photoblog with some commentary of the school lunches is born and
inspired by Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. Thanks Mrs.Q!

I will post them so that we can raise awareness to the food quality that is being served to our children and I am hoping that other parents will be moved into action and help form a Wellness Committee, which by the way, was mandated by the State back in the 2006. The Hoboken School district has yet to see one.

Please feel free to get mad and leave comments! And then do something about it!


  1. Thanks so much for doing this!

  2. I am curious what other schools in Hoboken use the same food vendor.

  3. Rebecca, i believe chartwells takes care of the hoboken school district. I would like to find some ally's in other schools to 'compare notes'.

  4. Wow - my kids go there and luckily they eat lunch only 2x per week. Rest we send in. Have to rethink that even. Can't wait to see what that "macho nacho" looks like.


  5. Great work here! Thanks for being part of the solution.

  6. Thanks for the support Mark. It's very challenging/difficult but love the possibilities!