Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday 4/22: Chicken Parm

The menu reads as follows: Chicken parm with pasta, Caesar salad, Garlic bread, Orange

What they got: Chicken patty parm, caesar salad, garlic bread, orange

This is one of those meals where I say 'what are they thinking?' Two days of Italian food with Pizza friday looming. The chicken of course was a patty and not actual chicken breast, drenched in sauce and some kind of cheese.

The last time they served this I'm pretty sure it was real chicken breast but I could be mistaken especially since the food service company denied serving our kids real chicken! Strange but true. I laugh now but it is a sad state of affairs!

Today's post will be short again but I did want to share with you some exciting news: Next week I am hoping to have a special guest blogger who will be reporting on the food at H.O.P.E.S - I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned and don't forget Friday is Food Revolution day so please sign Jamie Oliver's petition - If we make enough noise they WILL listen!

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