Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday 3/31: Twin Taco

The menu reads as follows: Twin Taco, seasoned taco meat, cheddar cheese,lettuce & salsa, fruit.

What they got: Taco, seasoned mystery meat, cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, salsa and canned peaches.

The lunch today again was delivered as stated on the menu. Please note the real cheese. Cannot complain about that!

The think what really bothers me with this lunch though is really the seasoned taco meat. Sitting in the serving tray it was all goopy and sticky. I've cooked a lot of ground beef, many variations and never does it have that texture. The lunch lady told me they get it in huge vacuum packed bags and then they just cook/warm it up. I'm concerned because it sounds like it's commodity processed beef and the sodium and saturated fats in it don't come with a whole lot of other nutrients! So why are they eating this again? The last time I looked we eat to feed our bodies and minds, this means eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients AND taste! Food is not simply a filler. Sure it satiates hunger but then we may as well just feed them cardboard and be done with it.

The only fresh ingredient on the plate was the iceberg lettuce. Need is say more? 

Good news though: The school lunch project is picking up steam! Hoboken Patch did a story today on raising awareness about the poor quality of food served by our lunch program: Bring A Brown Bag—Some Hoboken Mothers Unhappy With School Lunch

Call To Action: MAKE SOME NOISE!
And don't forget to sign the petition for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.


  1. I just found your blog. My daughter is in public school in Hoboken. The only days she eats the school lunch is on Friday for pizza. Since I'm not there in the cafeteria, I had really no idea, how the lunches were. Thanks for keeping us informed.


  2. You bet it's processed. Most like USDA commodity beef, meaning it's donated to the school, but the school trades the donation for already processed product from a large factory where it's often mixed with soy protein, cooked, and shipped frozen. It's then reheated, often in a commercial steamer, then mixed with a dried taco seasoning. The "real" cheese you see there typically comes pre-shredded in big bags from a company such as Land O Lakes. Chartwells also in the food provider here in D.C. We see the same stuff. You can read about it here:

  3. An interesting article on the people entrusted to feed our children:

    Hi Peta,

    I am a Hoboken resident and mother of a 3rd grader at Wallace school. While I rarely, if ever allow my child to buy the school lunch, I am fed up and disgusted by the what our children are being fed.
    I applaud your effort to shine some light on these atrocities, and hope this blog really opens people's eyes.
    I am a bit of an activist myself, and would welcome the chance to collaborate on some organized efforts to make our voices heard and affect some change.

    Contact me at makleck @


  4. @Eward Burske Thanks! Ive read a few of your posts and am absolutely fascinated. We are going through very similar things with same food service provider. Since our school is a satellite school I will be visiting a local school kitchen after spring break. Wish it was sooner!
    Serving this food to our children is such a disconnect for me, its counter-intuitive and harmful. Long road ahead because the the real change has to also come from the USDA. In the meantime mobilizing parents to take an interest in school food and demanding that we feed real food to our kids is priority.
    Thank you Mr.Bruske for you efforts.