Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hoboken Reporter meets EAT Hoboken!

Last week the Hoboken Reporter called to interview me for a piece they were doing. I of course obliged since spreading the word is critical if we want to see any changes come about. I honestly thought it would be a small piece but landed up on the front cover of the print edition! Here is a link to the online article: 

‘Mystery meat’ and strange nuggets Hoboken school lunches exposed by blogger mom

The commentary from the school board is interesting especially the bit about : "We talked to Peta about [joining a committee to create the district policy].” They did!?

As for Superintendent Peter Carter's lack of vision regarding the health of our children, I recommend he start reading the reports on obesity and taking note what's going on on national level.  For what its worth, Mr Carter, the reason there have been no "pediatric concerns and no other parental concerns" is that we will see the effects of poor nutrition in the form of obesity and disease only when these kids grown up- and then its too late! The point is to PREVENT diseases!  I also have to argue that parents are concerned...I'd be interested to check the participation rates of the school lunch program. I'm pretty sure they've declined in some schools.

I encourage parents to email Mr.Carter to tell him that it's not OK to feed garbage to our kids!

I also just want to thank  all the parents who have vocally showed their support. I urge you to please translate those words into action. Speak up and act out.  We have to change this now, today, if we want our kids to grow up with the best opportunities available to them! 

If anyone is interested in joining the Wellness Committee please email me at:  eathoboken [at]gmail.com


  1. Carter did say he would listen and that it was an administrative matter. His worry (and mine) is cost. If you can organize this effort in a cost effective way I'm sure both of us will support you.

  2. ss1959: the fact is that a wellness committee must be formed...there is no if or when or how much...its mandated!
    What we are able to achieve will take the effort of many individuals including the school. thus far they (the school) have taken the stance of apathy! Believe me they have not made it easy for me, in fact I feel like we have gotten no where since I last saw you. Anyhow I will forge forward. Let's see tomorrow holds.

    PS. thanks for following!

  3. Are you planning to speak at the board meeting about this? The meetings are recorded and when people are on camera they might be more responsive, because lots of people are watching.

    I think this is a great thing you are doing.


  4. Following your blog with great interest. I find Carter is very good when it comes to district compliance but I can't find anything about a mandated wellness committee - exclusively nutrition or broader in definition? Do you have any links (is it a federal or state mandate)?

    The Chartwell philosophy is interesting but leads me to think that what you might really be battling is a higher level problem of what the acceptable USDA standards are for nutrition and the challenge of inexpensive mass produced food. http://www.chartwellsschools.com/Our_Philosophy_K12.cfm

    Looking forward to more posts.

  5. Simple Google search found this..
    Local School Wellness Policy was mandated to be in effect by 2006. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.
    As for cost- The most expensive part of everything is labor cost and the benefits the staff receives (eating right won't take more staff)buying actual food that won't give your kid childhood diabetes is worth any extra pennies in my mind. Remember this is the school district that has/had janitors making over $100K with overtime.

  6. Nothing in Hoboken is ever easy! Keep forging forward. I wish you luck, but in life we always have to balance cost and benefits. If the above is true it shouldn't be a problem. All I know is that tomato at King's costs way more the Shoprite.

  7. Above I stated that a Wellness Committee is mandated and I was incorrect, so I would like clarify:
    Only Local School Wellness Policy is mandated and it is advisable that a steering committee be formed to aid, execute, implement and evaluate these policies. If I'm not mistaken, policy is written by the school district and board.

    To ensure we write policies that benefit our children, we would need to identify each schools needs as far as health and wellness goes. This can and should include everything from nutrition to school environment to dealing with mental wellness.

    I believe that a Wellness Committee is integral to the success of the Local School Wellness Policy.

  8. It looks like the wellness committee will be going ahead as part of the wellness policy; you must be pleased! It can only help.

  9. @thankyourmother yes definitely pleased. As of yet I have not heard from the school but am hoping that they are talking policy...my only problem is their process has not been very transparent. Lets wait and see.