Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday 5/19: Baked Chicken Wings

The menu reads as follows: Baked Chicken Wings, White Rice, Fresh Broccoli, Warm Apple Slices

What they got: Baked chicken wings, brown rice, fresh broccoli, warm apple slices and Milk.

My child: "Look Mom, real chicken!!"
Me: "Yes! Can you believe it!?"

I now believe it, because I saw it! Real baked chicken wings, and it was awesome to see the kids eating it off the bone. One kid told me how he had never seen chicken wings before and then proceeded to scoff them down! :)

I've also noticed that brown rice is a favorite for many kids. All in all I think this meal is well-balanced, looks appealing and contains essential nutrition- minus the saturated fats and sodium. It seems that the simpler the meals, the more wholesome, the more likely the kids are going to eat them. Maybe that should be the theme for school lunches: Simple, wholesome and of course unprocessed!


  1. This actually looks good and presents well. Maybe the message is getting across.


  2. Rebecca RubensteinMay 20, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    That looks really good!

  3. Yes, it does look good. Even the kids who brown-bagged where asking to eat the school lunch!

  4. This is brilliant... good simple wholesome food... something I was raised on. Glad to see someone has been listening. It's also visually attractive and you can see what you are eating!