Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School lunch for Tuesday 5/25: Baked Breaded Chicken

The menu reads as follows: Baked Breaded Chicken, Sweet Potato, Fresh Broccoli, Dinner Roll and Fruit

What they got:  Baked breaded chicken, canned sweet potato, fresh broccoli, a dinner roll (white), fruit juice and lowfat milk.

While this meal looks 'OK' I am not sure the kids had the same reaction. In fact one kid broke down into a symphony of cries when he realized that it wasn't chicken nuggets! It seems Tuesday's at school have become 'breaded chicken day'. From nuggets to lemon chicken, rest assured you will find chicken caked in some sort of breading as the main meal. Again, I have to say I am NOT a fan of the breaded chicken.  I think the kids can do without the fake seasoning and/or KFC look-a-like batter.

I also wonder if the school gets raw whole pieces delivered and then breads them on site or whether its been breaded and deep-fried at the manufacturer and then reheated/baked at the school kitchen.  I would obviously opt for the former, at least then the cooks would have control over what goes into the breading and whether or not it gets fried. I asked for real pieces of chicken and we got them, I just wasn't betting on them being drenched in batter.

The dinner roll proved to be popular and at least the kids didn't leave the cafeteria hungry...or did they?  There was some fresh broccoli, which they ran out of, and as for the canned sweet potato, while it may have some nutritional value it looks fake and quite unappetizing.  A dinner roll is definitely not a wholesome meal for growing inquiring minds, so all-in-all I'd say this meal is a fail. Which gives me an idea, I think from now we should start grading the meals! Plus, it would be pretty awesome if you the reader would also grade it from a visual perspective.  What do you think?


  1. I love sweet potatoes, but I wouldn't touch that canned stuff. What color would you call that anyway?

    The chicken looks like real food, at least, as do the broccoli and roll. I guess I'd give this meal a B-.

  2. Brown... that's my overall impression of that meal. I agree... I love sewwt potatoes but not the canned stuff... it looks dreadful and may even have been in syrup. An 'A' for the broccoli milk and juice (so long as there is no added sweetners) The rolls could be whole grain and leave the breading etc off real chicken. Hoping they at least bought in fresh chicken thighs. Over all I wouldn't grade higher than a 'C to C+'. No idea if the chicken was fresh and cooked on the spot or prepared elsewhere using heaven only knows what ingredients!

  3. These meals are all high in carbs and low in color. Just add more vegies. AND what ages are the kids being served? Doesn't look like enough to eat for growing kids.