Saturday, May 29, 2010

School lunch Thursday 5/27: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo

The menu reads as follows: Chicken Broccoli Alfredo over Pasta, Green Beans, Breadstick, Pear

What they got: Chicken patty broccoli alfredo with pasta, green beans, breadstick, a pear and lowfat milk

This is one of those meals that sound great but then don't deliver. I would say that these pre-schoolers were less than happy with this one.  Some tried the chicken broccoli alfredo but most frowned upon the white sauce.

Curious to know what kind of chicken it was made with, I bravely tucked into a piece. Leathery. Rubbery. Basically a chicken nugget without the batter but with grill marks!

It actually didn't taste like much or perhaps I was too freaked out by the texture to even notice any flavor. I have to say that the chicken was totally unappetizing and can't imagine ever enjoying it in any way, shape or form. I could not quite figure out the alfredo sauce; was it 'home-made' or did it come from a bottle? Again, thank goodness for the breadstick, pear and milk, otherwise some kids would have gone back to class hungry. I watched one of the teachers eat a piece of chicken, and as quickly as she took that bite, she put down the spork. End of meal.

On a different note, a teacher approached me and asked if I had been checking out the school breakfasts. Her daughter attends preschool at Brandt and her complaint was that the kids were not being served what the menu states and then on top of that what was being served was basically sugar. No surprise there!

I would like to call upon the parents at Brandt to start checking in on some breakfasts and lunches. I know the school year is coming to an end but let's get started now. Seems to me that when we (parents) get involved things happen!

Wishing everyone a very happy memorial weekend.


  1. Looks like a basic processed, frozen chicken patty. These prepared meat things often have phony grill marks. The point being? Do you have access to the boxes the food comes in? Will the kitchen ladies let you look? Otherwise, see if you can find where they are putting them out for trash/recycling pickup and take the labels with ingredients, etc. Then you will know exactly what's in the food, who makes it, where it comes from.

  2. I love your project. We've been tweeting, but I never had the time to click through to your site. I can't believe the lunches our kids (and me) eat. Change has to happen and starting in the schools is a must. Thank for you devotion to the cause!

  3. i've been a vegan 12 years and this "chicken" looks a lot like the fake soy chicken i used to eat when i first became vegan. i wold guess this has soy or texturized vegetable protein (T.V.P.) and maybe some egg whites. are you allowed to ask for the ingredient list?

  4. @Ed Bruske I actually did come across their trash a cpl weeks ago and felt like I had just won the lottery! I took some pics with my iPhone but have lost the phone since then...and the pics! Plan on returning with a proper camera. I've asked for ingredient lists etc but they seem to skirt the issue every time. Another thing to work on!

    @Mrs.Q Hi! I too can't believe the lunches you (our kids) are eating. Yours somehow seem a little worse and I totally commend you for your fact you were one of my inspirations for this! thank you and I know that I am behind you all the way!

    @Melissa its funny you mention the fake chicken because honestly, when I bit into the chicken that is exactly the texture and taste sensation I got. Working on getting ingredient lists. Harder than you might think.

  5. This chicken alfredo should be arrested...thank goodness for the pear, breadstick. Something is very wrong when 'chicken' is put together the way you would pre-fab press board for shelving.
    Goodluck to you and parents...Keep up the good fight! Hope next school year will bring improvements.
    Sending support from across the pacific.

  6. Heard about you on JO's Food Revolution site. I really applaud you for what you're doing. Thanks for making a difference.

  7. I would like to pass along a comment my second-grader made. She likes real fruit, but there have been many times that she could not bite it, and there is no one to cut it in half so that she can get into it. Kids lose their teeth at various times, and they throw the whole pieces of fruit away for long stretches of time until their adult teeth come in and they can bite it again. She says no-one cares if she can bite it or not, even if she cries.

  8. Dear Anonymous
    I feel so bad for your second-grader! Which school does she attened?
    Since our school is a pre-school the teachers do help the little ones where they can e.g peel oranges. the problem with any other whole fruit is that there isn't a knife in sight, so the teachers have no way of slicing it! Apparently the Elementary kids are very dangerous.
    The fruit would have to be pre-cut in the kitchen, and this means time and labor.
    I do think that if the fruit was pre-cut, the kids would be more apt to eat it.